Introducing a new type of code compliant divider, a free standing "WalkAbout" screen. Furniture that allows privacy without impacting the openness of the room.

LivingSpace is now manufacturing and installing a sheetrock faced, transom height, walk-around screen designed for air flow and privacy. A 7 foot high staggered panel configuration that gives line-of-sight privacy yet allows ventilation and natural light. This furnishing meets the existing walls without attaching and is typically 12" or more below the apartment ceiling. The top brace across the 30" opening combined with the off-set configuration creates an extremely stable divider.

This apartment furnishing installs in less than an hour, is completely non-damaging, rented for up to 3 years with no additional costs AND removal is free provided we have 4 weeks notice.

The WalkAbout is typically priced 50% less than other "bookcase" options and takes up far less room. Other WalkAbout dividers, "T" and "corner" designs are available to solve unique apartment needs. See our Web Site and call for pictures plans and advice.